WitbierGelender White

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Although we love to examine the limits of selfless use of hops, this time we bring perfection in simplicity. Belgian wheat beer, known as white beer, official style Witbier or Wit. Unlike the more famous, German wheat beer, weizen and hefeweizen, Belgian is characterized by light yellow, almost white color, lower body and more dryness. All taste comes from special Belgian yeasts, which, unlike the German, do not emphasize banana esters, but a pleasant citrus acidity. It is also distinguished by the use of spices, most commonly made of coriander and orange peel. Dryness and dense persistent foam is achieved by a special mashing technique, decoction which is also necessary for the use of raw wheat which gives a unique seal of this style. Due to lower alcohol content, it’s the perfect refreshment in the summer days, or after a tennis match, played in a white dress on the grass field.

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4,7% ABV


14 IBU


6,1 EBC